On Wednesday the 22th of April 2015 I received an email from CanTeen telling me the story about Horowai Pompey, wife to Kale Pompey, mother to little Cahleiya, sister to Hami and best friend to Ana.

In January of this year Horowai was diagnosed with Gastric cancer.  The cancer has not been kind to Horowai and in April she was told that she is now on burrowed life.

Horowai introduced her brother Hami and Ana to each other.  It all worked perfect because Horowai and Ana is best mates, so Ana was an instant family member.  Hami and Ana planned to get married at the end of the year, but when they received the news of Horowai’s health they decided to bring the wedding forward since Horowai was going to be a bridesmaid and off coarse she wanted to see them get married.  The wedding was planned in TWO days, not three days or a year, but in two days.  Everyone jumped in helped, it was an incredible getting together of families and friends to make this wedding happen.  Peti from Canteen was amazing helping the family to sort everything and and she made shit happen.

On Friday the 24th of April 2015 Hami and Ana got married at The Narrows Landing.  Horowai was a bridesmaid and she got to witness her bother and best friend get married.  It was the saddest happy occasion I’ve ever been a part off.

Horowai is currenty staying at the Hospice in Hamilton, where they are doing an amazing job at looking after her.  Horowai will be starting another round of chemo again.  She is a fighter.

Please support theses amazing organisations!


Hospice Waikato

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