It makes me happy when couples do things a bit different…and John and Holly made me SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!  From getting ready together, a first look, walking down the aisle together and no cake cutting…it was bloody awesome.

After traveling the world and seeing 14 countries John and Holly settled in New Zealand.  Their wedding took place at the amazing Fairground Estate on Waiheke.  Holly handmade the most glorious paper flowers and a lot love went into all the details of the day.

Friends and family from all over joined them for this celebration and I feel super lucky that I was there to document it for them.

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Venue : Fairground Estate

Band : Looking for Alaska

Caterer : Dave Roast, Island Indulgence

Dress : Grace Loves Lace

Hair : Terry Whaitiri

Make up : Josie Wignall

Furniture hire : Raj tent club

Games & YAY sign : When squirrel met bear

Celebrant : Jeanette Lask


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March 7, 2016
Such gorgeous Photos, you really capture the bubbly nature of the couple! Thanks for sharing. Raj Tent Club NZ Ltd