These two crazy kids have a very special place in my heart…they where my very first couple who booked me as Nita Meyer Photography.  I will be forever grateful to them for having faith in me and trusting me to document their wedding day.  I loved spending the day with them, their family and friends…I felt right at home x

And Lachie…really you where the star of the show!

Mike&Kate-1Mike&Kate-22 Mike&Kate-46 Mike&Kate-59 Mike&Kate-84 Mike&Kate-132 Mike&Kate-140 Mike&Kate-150 Mike&Kate-152 Mike&Kate-173 Mike&Kate-177 Mike&Kate-184 Mike&Kate-227 Mike&Kate-259 Mike&Kate-263 Mike&Kate-268 Mike&Kate-289 Mike&Kate-290 Mike&Kate-295 Mike&Kate-300 Mike&Kate-314 Mike&Kate-362 Mike&Kate-394 Mike&Kate-402 Mike&Kate-453 Mike&Kate-488 Mike&Kate-531 Mike&Kate-535 Mike&Kate-546 Mike&Kate-550 Mike&Kate-553 Mike&Kate-556 Mike&Kate-600 Mike&Kate-617 Mike&Kate-650 Mike&Kate-658 Mike&Kate-666 Mike&Kate-683 Mike&Kate-692 Mike&Kate-706 Mike&Kate-720 Mike&Kate-726 Mike&Kate-733a Mike&Kate-746 Mike&Kate-896 Mike&Kate-924 Mike&Kate-941 Mike&Kate-949 Mike&Kate-983 Mike&Kate-985

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